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co2 laser marking machine


Application field

1. Automobile machinery industry: steel sleeves, bearings, piston rings, engines, vehicle signs and machine tools, etc.

2. Electronic communication industry: mobile phones, keyboards, electronic components, home appliance panels, optical cables, cables, etc.

3. Hardware equipment industry: tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, tableware, locks, knives and scissors, sanitary ware, medical equipment, fitness equipment, stainless steel products, etc.

4. Buckle and sign industry: buttons, luggage buckles, belt buckles, gold and silver jewelry, signs, badges, time cards, business cards, photos, leather bags, belts, pens and pencil cases, collectors, works of art, etc.

5. Instrument glasses industry: metal case, bottom, glasses frame, instrument panel, etc.

6. Packaging bottle cap industry: tobacco, medicine, food, cosmetics and other internal and external packaging, metal bottle caps, furniture decoration, buckle signs, plastic products.

Product introduction

01 Using high-quality RF lasers, the spot quality is good, the optical power density is uniform, and the output optical power is stable, meeting the mainstream market application requirements;

02 Digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, fast speed, excellent stability, and performance reaching the advanced level in the industry; using high-performance scanning motor imported from the United States and industry-leading photoelectric sensing technology, fast speed, high precision, and clear pictures and texts, characters Accurate to about 2mm;

03 Smart board: The control board and the host software can optimize a variety of data according to different processes, support multi-language one-key switching, and meet the application process requirements of most industries in the market;

04 The optical path system adopts a double-layer sealing structure to prevent dust from entering the optical path cavity and improve the service life and efficiency of the core components.

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co2 laser marking machine

technical specification

  • Product Model
  • Equipment Type
    CO2 Laser Marking Machine
  • Marking minimum characters
  • Min. line width
  • Marking depth
    ≤0.05mm Depends on the material
  • Marking speed
  • Operating Voltage
  • Whole machine power consumption
  • Dimension
  • Weight of the whole machine
  • Marking range
  • Beam quality
  • Effective light output
    Laser ≥ 100000H
  • Laser power (w)
  • Laser wavelength
  • Applications
    Glasses, bamboo and wood products, food packaging, beverage packaging, clothing accessories, leather, fabric cutting, gift packaging, etc.
  • Peak power
  • Repeat positioning accuracy
  • Pulse width
  • Frequency adjustable
  • Support for graphic formats
    BMP,PLT,AI,DXF, etc.
  • Working Environment
    Temperature 10 to 35°C, humidity 5 to 85%, no condensation, no dust or less dust.